Notes for courses and talks.

Notes for the course of Xi  are here.

Notes for the course of James are here.

Notes for lectures of Sampei are here.

Video for the 1st talk of Paulo is here.  The second talk here. The third is here.

Video for the 1st talk of Henri is here.  The second talk is here. The third is here.

The PDF presentation of Carlos Pompeyo is here.

There are changes in the program  Tuesday and Wednesday. Please look the new program HERE



The conference will take place in the Instituto de Matemáticas at UNAM, Mexico city.  Talks will start on morning Monday 18th of February and will end around 13 hrs on Saturday 23rd.

There will be mini courses from Monday to Wednesday, and a research conference from Thursday to Saturday.

The program, with some of the abstracts, can be downloaded here.

Xi Chen, Stephan Gille, Henri Gillet, Matt Kerr, Paulo Lima-Filho, Rogelio Pérez Buendía, Carlos Pompeyo, Russel Aaron Quiñones, Sampei Usui. 

If you have any question or need information about the conference, please contact one of the organizers.

Javier Elizondo                                        James D. Lewis
Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAM                University of Alberta, Edmonton.